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This innovating application adds a new icon to your system tray. Upon right-clicking it, you will get a menu to upload whatever is in your clipboard to where you chose it to be. For example, you can quickly drag and upload a screenshot of anything on your screen to an FTP server, SSH server using SFTP, Dropbox public folder, Imgur, Pastebin and even Facebook, and immediately put the link to it in your clipboard, so you can paste the link in an IM or IRC window!

Download Clipupload for Windows:

Download 5.01

Browse the Clipupload source code:

On GitHub

About Clipupload

First released in July of 2010, ClipUpload is the leading piece of software for quickly sharing your screen, as well as other files. You are able to share quickly and easily to the following services:

Clipupload has a fully featured addon system, so you're able to use existing addons created by fans, as well as easily create your own.

Open source

ClipUpload is completely free and open source! Based on the ClipUpload 4 source base, you can get the Clipupload source code on Github. We accept pull requests as well. Feel free to send us pull requests for anything, even addons!