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All software on this site is created by Nimble Tools, who is the copyright holder of and all software released on this site. You can contact us at

Owning an account on this website means that your name, email address, and payment info will never be shared with anyone, and is stored securely. An account is the sole property of its owner - a user is not allowed to share their account with others. A user may request their account to be completely removed, including purchased licenses. (See contact email address above for more info.)

Sometimes, a user can buy a license for software mentioned on this site. The license is property of the user that performed the payment via Paypal. A user is not allowed to redistribute this software without prior written permission from the author. (See contact email address above for more info.) In the case that software is redistributed without permission, legal action will be taken against the infringing user.

The software on this site is not perfect, there may be bugs, especially if said software is in a beta or alpha phase. Users are encouraged to report all bugs they encounter.