Nimble .tools

Nimble writer

A general-purpose tool for writing stories, be it short fiction stories or even complete novels or books. We built Nimble Writer with a couple principles in mind to make it stand out as a primary application for authors, including distraction-free writing, better organization, importing and exporting features, easy reference access, encryption and full customization.

Available on Windows

Written world

A story sharing site for Nimble Writer.

Coming soon.

Nimble clipupload

Quickly upload screenshots and files to the cloud for sharing. Select a file or quickly drag a screenshot of anything on your screen and upload it directly to either an FTP server, SFTP server (SSH), Dropbox public folder, Imgur, Pastebin, or even Facebook, and immediately put the link to it in your clipboard, so you can paste the link in an IM or IRC window!

Available on Windows

Nimble game studios

A game studio that is soon to announce its first title.