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Privacy Policy

General policy

We care about privacy. Like, a lot. Our webserver does not store any logs besides aggregate anonymous statistics.


Aggregate statistics may be generated automatically by the server based on request counts. These aggregated statistics are not available to any third parties and are fully anonymous.

Update checks

Some of our products may perform automatic update checks online. Data sent to our server include the product name and the current version you are using. Once again, nothing is stored in our logs, but we might generate aggregate statistics in order to measure version usage.

Online activation

For any of our products that require online activation, you will be made aware of it before activating. Online activation is completely anonymous. Successful activations are never logged, while unsuccessful actions will only log information about the activation, not about the user.

Note that in most cases, license keys are linked to a purchase, and personal information could be retrieved from your license key if for any reason it fails to activate.


If you have any questions related to our privacy policy, please send an email to